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Domaine Jolivent - A heritage resort

A heritage resort

When the rugged road was paved in 1911, John O’Hearn decided to build a resort on a hill above Foster in Quebec’s picturesque Eastern Townships. Even then, the view was stunning with its vistas of Bondville Bay, much of Brome Lake and the surrounding hilltops.

Over the years, O’Hearn thought of everything to delight families on vacation: a big vegetable garden, horse-drawn carriages, wagon rides in Knowlton, pleasure boats and a popular dance hall that has attracted dancing queens from far and wide to kick up their heels on the vibrant floor.

But in 1923, O’Hearn’s success went up in smoke when the hotel was ravaged by fire. When his family wanted to continue as hoteliers, they moved to the Greer farmhouse, renovated it and rented out rooms. It became Brome Lake Lodge.

Chick Wick

Around 1930, the dance hall was also given a second life in a renovated barn: the popular Chick Wick, named for the youth who gathered there on summer evenings.

But everything was sold after WWII ended in 1945. The buyers opened the first Auberge Joli Vent and added tours on Joseph-Armand Bombardier’s thrilling new invention—the snowmobile—to the fun. Then the new inn was sold once more. Until the end of the century, the house had many incarnations: as a private club in the late 1960s and as a rock bar before it was restored to the charming hotel and nature preserve it is today.

Domaine Jolivent

We had a vision while strolling the idyllic grounds of Domaine Jolivent: people practising yoga as the sun sets over the pond, while others relax by the fire at day’s end after a soothing massage.

Our exceptional, serene property, located in one of the most beautiful regions of Quebec, sprawls over 112 acres with access to Brome Lake. It’s an oasis of calm where everyone can find their inner peace. This charming place, rich in the region’s history, welcomes discerning, environmentally conscious guests with 12 rooms and suites.

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